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Encino, California  91436
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Specializing in Civil Rights, Personal Injury, HOA Litigation, and Mediation

Mission Statement

The mission of the Law Office is to meet the expectations of the client with integrity, loyalty, and zealous advocacy.  All methods available are deployed to realize the objectives of the client, including mediation, meaningful settlement, and trial, architecting a custom approach for each case.

Seasoned Advocate

Mr. Miller’s combined areas of practice and experience create a unique perspective on litigation and mediation that helps achieve an excellent result for the client.  For over 16 years, he has litigated both plaintiff and defense cases and counseled clients through difficult matters.  Through his extensive knowledge of both sides of the law, he can strategize and formulate an approach as well as counter measures to defeat the opposition.  By employing his deep-rooted and broad practice and education, Mr. Miller is able to achieve results that serve the best interests of his clients while employing sensitivity and discretion, adopting a long-term holistic approach for an optimal outcome.  Whether the matter is simple or complex, the client's well-being is always of utmost importance, during a time that is both stressful and emotional.

He counsels his clients from the start of their cases to fully understand the central legal issues while advising clients on relevant concerns, exploring expectations, and understanding their personal circumstances and desired case outcomes.  Mr. Miller's combined areas of practice and experience create a synergy in litigation and mediation that promotes the achievement of excellence in managing his clients' cases, tailoring an approach to the unique characteristics and complexities that will yield the best results for each client.

He makes himself available to answer questions, explain case strategy, and discuss the intricacy of those laws that apply to the case and how the laws can be leveraged to realize the client's desired outcome.  In counseling clients, he will advise on the approaches that hold the highest viability for success. His philosophy in working with clients is collaborative, with expectations mutually agreed upon early on. He is not merely your advocate but your counselor as well, protecting your interests vigorously while passionately pursuing your case's goals and objectives.

Discuss Your Case

Call to discuss your case with Mr. Miller, who will explore the legal nuances and any concerns you might have.  He offers an initial consultation up to an hour without charge to understand your position and discuss potentional legal avenues and remedies that exist.